Bakul Sia is a traditional basket from the Baba Nyonya community who live in Melaka. These baskets are made of wood or bamboo coated with animal skin or thick paper. In ancient times, this basket was used as a wedding gift or a gift.

The mothers who attend the wedding ceremony will bring this basket along to the feast. The mothers will put a gift in the form of rice into the basket and then handed the basket to the host.

The host will put the rice into the rice barrel provided and replace it by putting other things such as boiled eggs or yellow glutinous rice into the basket. Once guests have finished eating, they will meet again with the host to pick up the basket again.

This basket is also used in the event of death. The mothers will bring a basket containing rice and then hand the basket to the host. Yet it is quite different from a wedding feast because this basket will be returned to its master in an empty state.