“Kita percaya pemain lain juga tidak kurang hebatnya”- Ketua Jurulatih KL Rovers FC

“Ketiadaan Guilherme de Paula bukan satu kelebihan buat pasukan kerana kita percaya pemain lain juga tidak kurang hebatnya. “Kami lebih memikirkan kelebihan dan kekurangan pasukan sendiri, jika dia bermain pun kita bersedia sepenuhnya. “Selaku peneraju liga dan rekod tanpa kalah ia keputusan positif buat pasukan namun perlawanan dan mengharapkan rentak konsisten akan terus dikekalkan”. – […]


Campaign Enjoy Perks! Get Rewarded further with Vivify! Active Giveaway Melaka Finance House Cashback 24 November 2022 Enjoy Perks! Get Rewarded! Simplifying yet Rewarding Benefit 1 Redeem Touch n Go E-Wallet 2 Spend to Earn 3 Exclusive Offer Download the Vivify App Now! Past Giveaways Coming Soon! 15th December Prizes 1. Coming Soon! Prizes 1. […]


A Ligue M5 Amisi Physio 2022 bakal menutup tirainya pada 2 oktober 2022, Ahad ini dengan pertembungan hebat di antara Maghreb FC dan OSV UK.Menjemput semua penyokong bola sepak amatur untuk hadir bagi memberi sokongan kepada kedua-dua pasukan.Jom kita saksikan siapa yang bakal menjadi ‘Juara Sulung’ Liga M5 musim ini dan Pasukan M5 yang pertama menempah tiket […]

Vivify Merchant Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions MERCHANT TERMS AND CONDITIONS These Merchant Terms and Conditions were last updated on 25th December 2020. Thank you for becoming a VIVIFY Merchant! VIVIFY looks forward to working together with you and helping you connect with a wider market, including VIVIFY’s consumers (“User”). As part of VIVIFY’s commitment to its Merchants, you […]


How to … ? Viver Redemption at Store 1. Using Vivify App to scan Merchant’s QR Code 2. Using Collaborator App to scan Viver’s QR Code Viver Redemption at Events 1. Using the Collaborator App to scan Viver’s QR Code at an Event Collaborator Redemption 1. Request a Redemption on the Collaborator App 2. Check […]

Merchant about us

MERCHANT NAME Second Floor Coffee House Handmade coffee art by Second Floor’s amazing baristas Ferlyn Jee, the owner of Second Floor Coffee House shares, “Most of the cafés in Melaka are run by non-Malaccans; I’m Malacca-born, married without kids so I’m able to devote myself fully to this.” As a graduate from Dasein Academy of […]

Steps Activate Pass

Back Back Activating A Vivify Pass: Buying Online for Myself A Vivify Pass comes with Tokens that allows you to redeem offers from Vivify Merchant and Happenings. You can purchase a Pass digitally online on the Vivify App. Step 1 Tap on Buy Pass Next Step 2 Select on the type of Pass desired.Optional: Input […]

App How-To

Vivify How-To Activating a Vivify Pass 1. Buying online for myself 2. Using Activation Code Redemption with Vivify Merchants 1. Using Vivify App to scan Merchant’s QR Code 2. Using Collaborator App to scan Viver’s QR Code Redemption at Events 1. Redeeming Voucher before Event 2. Using Voucher at Events Buying a Gift Pass 1. […]

Refund Policy

No Refund Policy Effective Date: 25th December 2020 Thank you for using Vivify. We offer a Trial Pass that allows our users to try out Vivify services with a limited number of Tokens for 30 days with no fee incurred once a user verifies his or her mobile number. Any other chargeable Vivify Pass, once […]

About Us

About Us Vivify is a relatively new brand, which was founded in 2019 by Melaka Privilege. We aim to be a leading lifestyle platform offering rewards and connecting people. Our objective is to develop a medium that facilitates and improves everyday life by providing information, stories, happenings, offers and rewards that connect people. Our mission […]