Christ Church is one of the important buildings left by the Dutch during their colonisation of Melaka. The church is located next to the red Stadthuys building, next to the Admiral Road Post Office and the Malaysian Youth Museum, and facing the Queen Victoria Fountain.

This church was built in 1741 in conjunction with the 100 years of colonisation of Melaka and is the oldest Protestant church in Malaysia. The church was completed in 1753 with original Dutch design art and was painted in white color. However, in the year 1911, the church was painted in its iconic red color.

This church was built at the urging of Christians because they found it difficult to use the Church of St. Paul due to the position of the church being located on a hill which was a decision made by the Portuguese from the Roman Catholic sect. This church measures 82 feet long x 42 feet wide x 40 feet high.

There are handmade pews, sun-drenched ceilings, Bras Bibles, Armenian tombstones, and Last Supper paintings on glis tiles in the church. In 1795, some changes and additions were made by the British when they took over the church from the Portuguese such as the addition of meteorites shaped like a rooster placed on a bell tower.

Initially, the church was given the title of Dutch Reform Church, then changed to Aglican Church due to change of power. In 1838, the priest of Culcutta handed over the administration of this church to the Church of England. Inside this church, there are also several tombs of Dutch magnates.

This church is still in use and well maintained to this day. However, there is a slight change in terms of space on the left side of the church to accommodate the number of members and tourists visiting.

Operation Hour : Open 09:00 am – 04:30 (Monday – Saturday) & 08:30 am – 01:00 pm (Sunday).

Contact Number : 06-284 8804.

Address : Christ Church,  Jalan Gereja, Bandar Hilir, 75000 Melaka