Melaka is a state that is quite synonymous with Cincaluk especially within the Malay community as it is considered a traditional Malay food.

According to an old belief, it is said that if it rains all day on a person’s wedding day, it symbolizes that the bride likes to eat Cincaluk. This, of course, is taken as a joke these days.

Cincaluk is a type of food produced from mainly “udang geragau” (small shrimp, acetes) that is processed into a protein-rich food flavor. Cincaluk contains probiotics (good live bacteria) which are good for health.

The process for producing Cincaluk is quite simple, but creating a perfect Cincaluk is heavily dependent on the right amount of “udang geragau” mixed. The process to produce Cincalok includes mixing clean shrimp with cold rice and salt according to the right portion. Once the perfect mixture is achieved, the mixture will be fermented for 3 to 4 days to bring out its sour flavor.