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Durian is crowned as the king of fruits, because of its strong unique taste and aroma. The name durian comes from the Malay word “thorn” referring to the fruit’s protective skin. Because the thorns are much added, “an” indicates the general characteristics of this fruit.

Durian can also grow about 12 inches long and 6 inches wide. It weighs about 1 to 3 kilograms. The durian fruit varies in shape (round and oval), skin color (green to brown), and also its flesh (pale yellow to red) depending on the species of durian fruit.

This durian fruit can be eaten even if it is not properly ripe and it is also used in cooking such as tempoyak, durian crepe, durian glutinous rice, and so on. The seeds of the durian can also be eaten if it is cooked first.

This fruit has a strong aroma and its distinctive taste. However, this fruit does not suit the taste of some people especially to newcomers. Durian is usually collected from plantations when it falls from its tree.

Various species can be found in Malaysia. Among them are:

1.Durian Musang King / Raja Kunyit / Mau Shan Wang / Cat Mountain King

2.Durian D24 / Sultan Durian

3.Durian Tekka / Bamboo Bottom / Weasel Queen

4.Durian Red Shrimp / Red Prawn / Hong Xia / Ang Hay

5.Durian Duri Hitam / Black Thorn / Ochee / Hei Tze

6.Durian IOI / Mas Hjh Hasmah / Mas Muar

7.Durian XO

8.Durian Golden Phoenix / Jin Feng / Kim Hong

9.Durian Durian Kampung / 888 / Asli