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Vivify Gift Pass. Chinese New Year Promo.

Let others enjoy Vivify as you have. Give them a

Vivify Gift Pass.

Buy a Gift Pass with a 10% discount and you will be rewarded for your generosity this Chinese New Year by using the code below:

*T&C Apply.

*The Tokens will only be given to the buyer of the Gift Pass once purchase is successful.

How to buy a Gift Pass?

Step 1

Tap on Buy a Gift Pass on the Me page.

Step 2

Enter Code: “CNYGIFT2021”.

Tap on Apply.

Select a Gift Pass you desire.

Tap on Buy.

Step 3

Proceed with making payment.

Follow the instructions on the payment gateway.

Step 4

Voila! You are rewarded!

You will receive a notification message and an email on the Gift Pass purchased.

You may check your Token balance on the Home or Me page.

To deliver the Gift Pass to the lucky receiver:

1.Open notification message or email received on the Gift Pass purchased.

2.Share or forward the Activation Code from the notification or email to the lucky recipient.

Note: DO NOT share it to anyone else other than the receiver on the gift. Activation Code is valid for ONE (1) time use only.