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Terms & Conditions

These Giveaways Terms and Conditions can also be found in User Terms & Conditions under 7. Giveaways and were last updated on 15th Jan 2021.

Each VIVER shall be eligible to enter into yearly giveaways organized by VIVIFY. The giveaway is open to all VIVERs with a valid Account. It is not open for VIVERs with an expired Pass. Each eligible participant may only win one (1) prize per draw. VIVERs are eligible for one (1) entry for each on-going draw for each Token utilized through the User App (“Entry”). Tokens utilized through the Card shall not be eligible for entry into the giveaways. As of the date of the last update, the entry collection period and winner announcement date for each 2021 giveaway draw are as follows:

As of the the last updated date, the entry collection period and winner announcement date for each 2021 giveaway draw are as stated above.
As of the the last updated date, Prizes for each 2021 giveaway draw are as stated above.

Entries for every draw shall will automatically stop being collected at the end of every draw’s Entry Collection Period and or other dates as may be announced by VIVIFY (“Final Date”) and automatically extinguish once Winner has been announced. The Final Date will be announced on the VIVIFY Platform or in any other manner as VIVIFY deems fit.

A VIVER will not be able to win prizes if their Validity Period has expired. For a Pass that has expired, the balance Entries will remain frozen in the Account until the Final Date, after which all Entries shall automatically extinguish. To release and activate frozen Entries and be eligible to win Prizes, a VIVER will have to renew their Pass before the closing date of each Draw.

Shortlisted candidates will be selected randomly by a computer program. These shortlisted candidates shall fill in an online form to be eligible for consideration for the giveaway prizes. VIVIFY shall select winners (“Winners”) once the online form has been filled.

Winners may be announced during the VIVIFY Events and/or on the Services or in any manner that VIVIFY deems fit. The time and date of the VIVIFY Event will be announced on the Services or in any manner that VIVIFY deems fit. VIVERs may be required to be present at the VIVIFY Event to be eligible for the Draw.

VIVIFY will announce the winners’ names and a redacted portion of their mobile telephone number in any manner that VIVIFY deems fit.

Winners will receive a prize giveaway voucher (“Giveaway Voucher”) that will be automatically credited directly into their Account together with the process or method of redeeming the prizes within one (1) week after the announcement of the Winner in that Draw.

The collection of prizes where applicable is subject to a period of up to two (2) months from the announcement of each Winner.

Any prize, in the form of a cash voucher, if any, will be automatically credited into the respective Winner’s Account within one (1) week after the announcement of the Winner in that Draw and will be immediately available for redemption. VIVIFY may credit the cash voucher in one or several denominations or tranches so that it totals the amount won by the Winner.

In certain cases, Winners will have to click redeem on the respective VIVIFY App within two (2) weeks from the Winner announcement date and submit the redemption form (“Redemption Form”). Winners may also be contacted and reminded by VIVIFY or their appointed agent to do so. The eligibility to claim the prize will be forfeited if the Winners cannot be contacted and their identities verified within thirty (30) days from the announcement date.

All-Winners if requested by VIVIFY must produce proof of identities such as an NRIC or passport and present the Redemption Form upon VIVIFY’s request for the prize redemption. The Winners may be disqualified if their identity cannot be verified.

If the Prizes requires a pick-up, VIVERs may require to be present during the collection or send a representative if allowed by MPSB and must produce the Prize Redemption Form email, a copy of the Winner’s and/or the representative’s identity card (if applicable) e.g. NRIC or passport to facilitate the transaction and for verification purposes. Winners or representative may not be able to collect the prize and/or be disqualified if their identity cannot be verified.

Prizes are given out on an “as is” basis and are non-transferable and non-exchangeable for cash or other goods, whether in part or in full unless stated otherwise. VIVIFY reserves the right to substitute any prize with another of equivalent value. All pictures are shown in any advertisement, promotional, publicity, and other materials relating to or in connection with Giveaways is/are solely for illustration purposes only and may not depict the actual color, model, or specifications of the Prize(s) and does not include any optional accessories.

All Users and Winners must abide by all laws and regulations currently in place and the terms and conditions of the party (ies) arranging and/or providing the Prize and the terms and conditions attached to the Prize if any. Giveaways shall not be valid with other ongoing campaigns, discounts, or vouchers.

VIVIFY’s the decision regarding the selection of Winners, and/or in event situation including any not covered in these Terms and Conditions, shall be final and binding on all participants in the giveaway, and no queries, challenges, or appeals may be made or entertained regarding VIVIFY’s decision on the same. VIVIFY reserves the right to reject any Entry or disqualify any participant without assigning any reasons whatsoever.

VIVERs are encouraged to visit our Site for more information on the prizes eligible to be won by successful participants of the giveaways. Notwithstanding anything in these User Terms and Conditions, VIVIFY reserves the right to amend, modify or cancel any giveaway in whole or in part with or without notice due to unforeseen circumstances as determined by VIVIFY. VIVIFY also reserves the right to impose additional terms and conditions applicable to giveaways in addition to those contained in this Section 7 without notice. All winners shall be selected by VIVIFY and the decision shall be final and not subject to appeal. To the maximum extent permitted by law, each participant in any giveaway expressly waives any claim it may have against VIVIFY howsoever connected to the giveaways.