Hang Jebat was a high-ranking Malay warrior. Hang Jebat is part of 5 warriors consisting of Hang Tuah, Hang Lekiu, Hang Lekir, and Hang Kasturi.

According to tales, Hang Jebat went on a rampage in the palace to demand revenge for the death of his friend Hang Tuah who was sentenced to death due to slander. After hearing the news that Hang Jebat was raging in the palace, Hang Tuah appeared to fight with Hang Jebat. Due to feeling too happy to see his best friend still alive, Hang Jebat handed his Taming Sari dagger to Hang Tuah as a sign of respect.

Due to being too loyal to the Sultan of Melaka, Hang Tuah was willing to deceive Hang Jebat and use the Taming Sari dagger to kill Hang Jebat.

The courage and determination of Hang Jebat to uphold justice so that he is willing to disobey the Sultan is the only reason his name is fragrant until this day.

The tomb is located in the historic city of Melaka. To date, the actual age of the tomb is still unknown, but it is predicted that the burial took place around 1511.

The tomb usually marks the burial place of ministers from the Melaka Sultanate.

Operation Hour : Open 24 hours.

Contact Number : 06-283 6538.

Address : Hang Jebat Mausoleum, Jalan Kampung Kuli, 75200 Melaka.