Perigi Hang Tuah is located in Kampung Duyong, Melaka. This well is one of the interesting places in Melaka. This well was declared a heritage site under the National Heritage Act 2005.

Hang Tuah, who was born in Kampung Duyong and is said to have dug this well for his own use. At first, the size of this well was quite small but over time the size of this well became large and deep.

This well is also said to have never dried up, despite the long dry season. Not only that, this well’s water is also very clear and according to old stories, it can cure various diseases.

In 1991, Melaka was once said to have experienced a severe water crisis that caused a drought but the water from this well was never dry and even adequate and not directly affected.

There is also an old story that says that this well is the former abode of the spirit of Hang Tuah who once appeared as a white crocodile. Some say that only pious people can see the incarnation of this white crocodile. But it is just another unproven story that arose over time.

Operation Hour : Open 24 hours.

Contact Number : 06-282 6526.

Address : Hang Tuah Well, Kampung Duyong, 75430 Melaka