Image by Ikan Bakar Parameswara Via Facebook Page

The grilled fish destination that is often the focus of visitors is Ikan Bakar Umbai Melaka or better known as Ikan Bakar Parameswara or Ikan Bakar Pernu Umbai, Melaka. Its location facing the Straits of Melaka makes it a strategic area to take pictures and selfies as well as enjoy the delicious food there.

This place provides various types of fish, mussels, squid, clams, mussels, shrimp, and so on. Customers can also choose other dishes such as kerabu, fried-fried, Thai-style seafood, brains, and so on. Nasi lemak is also available as another alternative to replace nasi putih. It’s a bit weird but the combination tastes good!

However, what differentiates these grilled fish fields is the difference in terms of the roasting process and the production of a unique grilled fish sauce. To place an order, customers only need to come to the fish counter, select the desired fish, weigh and choose the type of cuisine they like.

The place is famous for a variety of side dishes such as fried squid, grilled shrimp, and the freshness of the aroma of grilled fish that is sure to captivate.

Operation Hour: Open 05:00 pm – 12:00 am daily & Closed on Monday only.

Contact Number: 019-979 9903.

Address: Medan Ikan Bakar, Pengkalan, 75460, Melaka.