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‘Mee Siam’ is a popular noodle dish among people in Malaysia and Singapore. This dish is said to have originated from the Malay and Peranakan because it is inspired by Thai cuisine.

What distinguishes ‘Mee Siam’ in Malaysia and Singapore is its cooking method.

In Singapore, this ‘Mee Siam’ is served with a rather concentrated, sweet, and sour gravy. Among the ingredients used to make this ‘Mee Siam’ gravy are tamarind, shrimp, sugar, belacan (shrimp paste), taucheo (soy paste) and, coconut.

In Malaysia, the ingredients used to make gravy like in Singapore are fried the ingredient with noodles.

Then, garnish with cucumber slices, omelet strips, and lime thus completing a Peranakan dish often enjoyed during breakfast, lunch, and even dinner.