Kesidang or Tikar Seladang Tree or Bunga Kerak Nasi Tree (north side) or Tikam Flower Tree (on the East coast) or Bread Flower (Western countries) is a plant that belongs to the Apocynaceae family. The tree or its scientific name Vallaris Glabra was often planted for its beautiful flowers. The flowers of this Kesidang Tree are white, small and  emit a fragrant smell that resembles the smell of pandan leaves.

The Kesidang Flower represents a mark of respect for the Malay community. It also symbolizes the modest attitude of the Malays. Because of that, it has been made the official flower for the State of Melaka which is another Malaysian state that values culture greatly.

Aside from being beautiful, the flowers can also be used as an ingredient for making potpourri and hair ornaments.

Traditionally, Malay women in Melaka use Kesidang flowers as decoration during their wedding ceremony as a sign of purity and softness of a person.

Although small and full of aroma, the Kesidang flower is the perfect state flower for Melaka because of its charm that well-represents the historic city.