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Laksa is one of the famous traditional dishes in Melaka. There are 3 main types of laksa available in Malaysia which are Kari laksa, Siam laksa, and Laksa Asam.

The word laksa comes from the Sanskrit language which means ‘ten thousand’ which refers to the abundance of ingredients used to make laksa.

Besides those 3 popular Laksa, there is another well-known laksa in Melaka which is Nyonya Laksa. Nyonya Laksa is one of the Nyonya dishes in Melaka. This dish is derived from the multiracial wedding of local Malay and Chinese merchants in the early 15th century when China first visited and traded in the Malay Archipelago.

Nyonya Laksa is a rich and creamy noodle soup. It can be served with vermicelli or rice vermicelli as the main ingredient while the soup is made up of coconut milk, tamarind, and any other ingredients. As finishing, a boiled egg, fish balls, chicken, shrimp, and bean sprouts are used to complete the dish. Sambal is given on the side for the extra spicy kick to your laksa!

Apart from Malaysia, this laksa is also found in Singapore, Indonesia, and Thailand.