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Onde-onde, which is infamously known as “Kuih Buah Melaka”, is a light tea-time snack filled with gula Melaka, that just explodes flavours in your mouth. (be sure to keep your mouth securely shut).

The main ingredients needed to make this “kuih” are palm sugar, glutinous rice flour, pandan leaves, and unsweetened grated coconut. First, steam the grated coconut with a bit amount of salt for about 5 minutes. Then, set it aside. Second, combine the glutinous rice flour with Pandan juice and knead lightly. Put a pinch of salt to add some taste. Third, knead all the ingredients until the dough becomes smooth and elastic. Fourth, roll the dough into a small ball shape. Make an indentation on the ball by pressing your thumb into it and fill it with palm sugar. Fifth, roll it back until it shapes into a small ball. Sixth put the dough into the hot boiling water and wait until they float on top of the pot and roll it in the grated coconut to prevent the “kuih” from sticking to each other.

Onde-onde is usually served at tea time because it is easy to serve, not very sticky.