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Merchant-get-Viver or Merchant-get-Merchant

Both you and your lucky friend or customer can earn either

Cash or Tokens.

*Incentive is worth 15% of the Price of the Pass Purchased. Incentive value may vary according to the price of the Pass purchased by the referee at the time.

**Incentive will be recorded in the Collaborator’s account 5 weeks after the referee successfully agreed to join Vivify as a Vivify Merchant and the Merchant page for the referee is created and available on the Vivify App.


Step 1

The Collaborator can display Vivify Tent Card with Referral Code.


Share Referral Code via Collaborator App.

Step 2

Collaborator shares Referral Code to a friend or customer:

Tap copy and send to anyone you want.


Tap Refer Now

Step 3

Friend or customer is to open the Vivify App.

Tap on Buy Pass.

Step 4

Friend or customer needs to enter the  Referral Code and tap Apply.

Rewards for referees will be shown.

Select Pass desired.

Tap on Buy.

Step 5

Proceed with making payment.

Follow instructions on the payment gateway.

Step 6

Voila! Both Referrer and Referee are rewarded!

For Referee, they may check their Token balance on the Home or Me page.

For Referrer, you may check your incentive on the Vivify Collaborator App by tapping on History> Cash.