The replica of the building exhibits the replica of Flor De La Mar which is about 34 meters high, 36 meters long, and 8 meters wide. It houses exhibits, artifacts, and documents of the golden era of Melaka. On 13 June 1994, it was opened to the public by Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad. Later, phase 2 of the museum was the old Guthrie building and was opened by State Committee for Tourism, Culture, and Environment Chairman Poh Ah Tiam on 23 May 1998.

The focus of the boat is the history of the sea of Melaka and the golden age of Melaka as the Eastern Emporium. It also showcases the maritime politic in Melaka, which proves that if one were to lose its political power, thus one will lose everything. The exhibits in the museum show the development of the trade from the Malay Sultanate era to the Portuguese colonial era, Dutch, British, and the Japanese colonial era in Malaya. Also displayed are paintings, old maps, ship models, and artifacts related to maritime and trades in Melaka.

Before 1511, Flor De La Mar was a major Portuguese warship in maintaining its dominance in Goa, India in the 16th century. However, after 1511, it was recognized not because of winning wars, but because it broke in two from colliding with a large rock and sank after being hit by a typhoon near Tanjung Jambu Aye, Acheh in 1512. Flor De La Mar is well-known in history because it sank with an abundance of items that are very valuable such as bronze, gold, silver, diamonds, pearls, and the Sultan’s crown that was stolen from the Malacca Sultanate palace destroyed by the Portuguese.

Based on old records, the golden crown of the Sultan of Melaka, which was estimated to be worth RM7 million, was looted by the Portuguese and is now buried on the seabed. The actual location of the Flor De La Mar ship remains a mystery until now. Even so, some consider the sinking of this warship as one of Melaka’s most mysterious losses.

Operation Hour : Open 09:00 am – 05:30 pm daily & Closed on Monday only.

Contact Number : 06-2826526.

Address : Samudera Museum (Flor de La Mar), Jln Merdeka, Bandar Hilir, 75000 Melaka