Source: New Straits Times, Putri Zanina Takes Walk Through Malaccas Charming Old Street

Sixty-something Chiew Chai Eng carves wooden signboards by hand. They are mainly made from the hardy Merbau wood. Though it’s a painstaking work that requires mastery in wood carving and refined Chinese calligraphy skill, he’s still at it at his small workshop in Jalan Hang Kasturi. Each signboard costs about RM1,000.

At FWU Chang Trading company in the same road, several skilled carvers still make traditional stone tablets and wooden signboards in large quantities. Priced from RM300 to RM30,000, these are still in demand by the Chinese today for they indicate a business or a household and bear well wishes in Chinese phrases. 

Address: 87, Jalan Hang Kasturi, 75200 Melaka

Contact No: 012-618 0008