As the world continues to experience the effects of climate change, hot weather has become increasingly common in many regions. The summer months, in particular, can bring about prolonged periods of heatwaves and scorching temperatures, posing a variety of health risks to individuals and communities. In recent years, some countries have seen record-breaking heatwaves, with temperatures reaching unprecedented highs. It is important to take precautions and adopt strategies to stay safe during hot weather, such as staying hydrated, seeking shade, and limiting outdoor activities during the hottest parts of the day. As we adapt to the changing climate, it’s essential to be aware of the risks associated with hot weather and take steps to protect ourselves and our loved ones.


  1. Drink plenty of plain water regardless of physical activity level
  2. Spend more time indoors and limit outdoor activities
  3. Reduce consumption of caffeinated, alcoholic, and sugary drinks
  4. Use a fan or air conditioning to cool the body
  5. Wear lightweight, bright-colored, and loose-fitting clothing
  6. Avoid sitting in enclosed vehicles without air conditioning
  7. Wear a hat or use an umbrella to protect from direct heat exposure

Source: Ministry of Health Malaysia


1) Banyakkan minum air kosong tanpa mengira tahap aktiviti fizikal

2) Lebihkan masa berada di dalam rumah dan hadkan aktiviti luar

3) kurangkan minum minuman berkafaein, alkohol dan bergula

4) Guna kipas atau pendingin hawa untuk menyejukkan badan

5) Pakai pakaian yang ringan, berwarna terang dan longgar

6) Tidak duduk di dalam kenderaan yang ertutup tanpa pendingin hawa

7) Pakai topi atau payung untuk melindungi daripada pancaran haba terus ke badan

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