Bunga Telang-01

Telang Flower (Clitoria Ternate) or better known as Pokok Kacang Telang is a plant that comes from the Fabaceae family or legumes.

This Telang flower also has various uses and nutrients especially in medical treatment to cure diseases.

This flower is also known by other names such as ‘Butterfly-Pea’, ‘Blue-Pea’, ‘Cprdofan-Pea’, and Asian Pigeonwings.

The color from Telang flowers is also used as a food coloring in kerabu rice.

The fruit from Telang Flower can be cooked because it is a type of legume plant that can be eaten.

The shoots can also be used as vegetables or side dishes.

Another useful thing about this flowerful plant is that it can be used to beautify gardens as an ornamental plant.TelangĀ