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Wooden clogs are a type of shoe/slippers/footwear/capal specially carved from wood. The red footrest is made of plastic or rubber. These wooden clogs are available in a variety of color variations and are said to have been used around the 50s and 60s.

Yet there is a difference between men’s and women’s clogs. Men’s wooden clogs are the same length while women’s sandals are grooved in the middle. Wooden clogs that have heritage value and enrich this classic are said to be synonymous with the Malay, Chinese, and Baba Nyonya

The culture of wearing wooden clogs began in the 17th century wherein in 1641, the Dutch managed to take over the rule of Melaka from the Portuguese. Therefore, the culture of wearing these wooden clogs became a tradition of the Dutch community during the rule of Melaka.

In Malaysia, these wooden clogs are often associated with the Baba Nyonya community. The color of the wooden clogs they often wear is usually bright red and matched with red, green, or black footrest.

In Melaka, the culture of wearing wooden clogs is still practiced now although it is not very widely used. However, the Baba Nyonya community, especially the elderly, use these wooden clogs to walk in the house, walk around the house and nearby areas.